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  • A venue for a special event
    A venue for a special event

    I happened to have a look at your website. Its extraordinary and has the right kind of updated flavors. If you are looking for a perfect venue for a special event, I’d recommend to go for it.

  • Splendid app for finding food on the move
    Splendid app for finding food on the move

    Easy to use and an immense online ordering system to find restaurants that are of impressive quality. Its easy to find locations and the cuisine.

  • GUI is very distinguished
    GUI is very distinguished

    I’ve been a user and evangelist to Deliz for some time now. I do not have a Facebook account but Deliz has a very distinguished integration with its online food delivery with the best restaurants. Its usability is amazing with very good selection of food menu items.

  • Restaurant is awesome
    Restaurant is awesome

    I travel a lot and enjoy living much depending upon the online ordering food places to find to eat. ‘Deliz’ is so useful when I found out that it gave the information that I absolutely needed.

  • About Deliz

    Opened in 2008, our restaurant entrusts food enthusiasts deserve a wonderful online delivery system. We also believe in cost-effective commissions and prices for restaurants to enable online ordering and delivery management. We find out the restaurants that are nearby your area that provide good food and bring them on to the online ordering environment. We are a dedicated team that bridges the gap between restaurants and the food interests of people.  

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    Order placed on this outelt 'DR Outlet'.

    Order placed on this outelt 'DR Outlet'.

How It Works

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  • Search

    Enter your location to discover all the restaurant delivering to you

  • Choose

    Browse hundreds of menus to find the food you like

  • Pay

    Pay fast & secure online or on delivery

  • Enjoy

    Food gets prepared & delivered to your door by the restaurant

Order On The Go For Mobile

Ordering on the mobile app, especially if you are on the move, is the best way to order food. With a user-friendly interface it is efficient in getting your food wherever you are. Our app can find out your location or the choice of location that you prefer. Take your pick from the best restaurants and cuisines that is acceptable to your price range that are in and around your area. The order history is saved every time you made an order with your addresses.




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